Ricky and Cory are amazing friendly professionals who aim to please. I had my windshield changed out yesterday, and they made it a pleasant experience and did an excellent job. I chose R&R because of their long record of experience and reliability, and because they are Christians and not ashamed to say it. If you need any type of glass work for your car, truck or home, I highly recommend R&R. You can be assured of quality work

Glass Replacement Specialist

There are many ways glass can increase the appearance and value of your home. From adding glass shelves in your living room to installing glass tabletops to protect your furniture, glass can boost the protection, aesthetic, and worth of your home. 

However, there are times when glass in our home needs to be repaired. When you need glass repair in your home, you can depend on R & R Glass Works to help you. We are professionals when it comes to glass repair and window replacement.

It is our goal to not only provide the best in quality products and service but also provide the highest level of customer service. We take the time to talk with our clients about the best ways to get the product they desire at the best possible rates. 

One of the most important parts of any home is the windows. Windows are essential for a variety of reasons from adding more visual appeal to your home to protecting you against inclement weather and seasonal changes. 

One way to give any room a facelift without spending a ton of money is by adding mirrors. By installing mirrors in your home, you can not only make the room appear larger than it is but it can also add a whole other dimension and symmetry. 

residential glass

We not only install different kinds of mirrors like vanity mirrors, bathroom mirrors, mirrored walls, we also customize a mirror for any room that you want. The customizations we include are tinted glass, an array of polished edges, and designs.

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