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Frameless glass shower doors are one of the most popular design trends today here in the Acadiana and South Louisiana area. Whether you are replacing your contractor installed framed shower or building a new shower with a beautiful frameless glass shower, you will greatly enhance the look of your bathroom.

Our frameless showers and enclosures give a sleek and natural look and provide the greatest number of options to customize your personal space. Glass shower doors without a frame create a larger space that feels open and welcoming. 

This feeling of space is especially helpful with a smaller bathroom and can also complete the “open plan” of a larger bathroom. 


Endless Possibilities with Glass

Glass is an incredibly versatile building material. From simple one-piece frameless screens to complex multi-sided enclosures, no option is out of reach. We have the capability to achieve a range of patterns or shades with unique flourishes for your glass shower enclosure. Or we can go the opposite direction with crystal clear glass and minimal hardware to let your beautiful tile or stone do the talking. The choice is about you and your vision for your bathroom and we’re here to help.

Benefits of a Frameless Shower Enclosure


Frameless showers are customizable and offer far more options in style and size. You are not limited to mass-produced standard sized doors, adding flexibility to your design. 


The door in a frameless shower can be opened in and out, unlike a framed shower door that is limited to outward opening.


Cleaning it is easy. Glass used in the shower is resistant to weathering. You need only to use a squeegee for the glass door and walls before proceeding to clean the floor.


 The absence of a frame that can cut off your sightlines will let you have a sense that the area is larger. The flow of natural light into your bathroom space can also improve visibility and help make your bathroom look clean and updated.


They add a luxurious touch to your home’s overall aesthetic. Frameless shower doors are also classy and have a timeless quality that will be in style for many decades to come.

Frameless Shower Glass Doors


The bathroom along with the kitchen are the primary focus of potential home buyers. These two areas can significantly affect the assessment of a home’s value. Having a modern elegant frameless shower can be a great boost when your home is being valuated.

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